Version 1.2

This release has just been posted to Apple. The largest new feature is the inclusion of support for iPolar, but most of the changes involve cleanup of the node/waypoint information page, re-organizing and renaming fields in order to help clarify some of the information. Also by request is the inclusion of a page reset button as well as more wind information, AWA,AWD, etc.  This version includes a correction to TWS calculation mentioned in an earlier post.

  • Added Trash button to reset a page to the default waypoints
  • Corrected an error in TWS calculation when there is current
  • Polar .bp files can also now have .txt extensions
  • Support for loading iPolar files through file sharing or from the document dir.
  • Fixed bottom white border on retina displays
  • Fixed a polar selection error which occurred when there were more than 3 custom polars
  • Changing or loading polars now resets the sail selection
  • Updates to the documentation
  • A number of changes to the node info display:
  • Renamed “Use Polar” button to “Manual Mode”
  • Renamed “Course To Steer” section to “Course Through Water”
  • Renamed “Track” section to “Course Over Ground”
  • Renamed “Speed” to “Target Speed”
  • Renamed “Distance” in “Course Though Water” to “Log”
  • Renamed “Bearing” in “Course Over Ground” to “Track”
  • Renamed “TVMG” to “VMC” and moved it to “Course Over Ground”
  • Removed “Leeway” section and moved leeway into “Course Through Water”
  • Split wind into three sections, ground, true and apparent
  • The new wind sections now include AWD,AWA,AWS,TWD,TWA,TWS

Update: It was approved Jan 8th by Apple

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