Tack Pad Features


Tacking Solutions

  • Support for multiple waypoints. Wind speed and direction as well as current set and drift for each waypoint
  • Easily add and remove temporary waypoints to explore the effects of changing wind and current on your plan
  • Drag waypoints, wind barbs, current and other node attributes. Tacking solutions compute on-the-fly as you drag items
  • Two pages allow you to explore two options at once
  • Solutions for all wind directions, not just upwind tacking. Tack Pad will use downwind tacking, or gybes, if they produces the shortest ETA.
  • Easily page through waypoint and tack points to review the complete route


Waypoint and Tack Point Information

For each waypoint or tack point, the solver includes information about travel to the next waypoint or tack point, including:

  • Total ETA to the final waypoint
  • Course to steer
  • Time on Tack, the travel time to the next waypoint or tack point
  • Estimated speed through the water
  • Estimated leeway
  • Distance traveled through the water to next waypoint or tack point
  • Velocity made good on the original waypoint bearing
  • Course over ground
  • Estimated speed over ground
  • Distance over ground to next waypoint or tack point


Polars & VPP Files

Polars files provide estimates of a boat’s speed under different wind speeds given a specific set of sails. Polar files can sometimes be obtained from boat manufactures or from a rating organization such as the ORC. Polar files are normally created using software called a Velocity Prediction Program. Accurate polars are important for racing, but not so necessary for casual cruising.

  • Polar diagrams are used to compute the fastest course, either up or downwind
  • Support for RudderNut VPP files which include multiple polars for different sail combinations, as well as leeway information
  • Three VPP files are included which can be scaled to match your hull speed and leeway characteristics. These each include two polars, one for jib & main, the second including an asymetrical spinnaker
  • Load RudderNut VPP and third party polar files through iTunes.
  • Manual mode for waypoints which allows you to specifically set speed through the water and leeway instead of using the polars


Not Supported

Tack Pad is not meant to be a replacement or substitute for a GPS navigation app. It’s intended to be used during passage planning, not while underway, so there are number of things not supported.

  • No saving or loading routes or favorite waypoints
  • No support for loading charts
  • No live GPS tracking or navigation
  • No grib files



  • Tack Pad is for the iPad only and will not run on an iPhone
  • iOS version 5.0 or later

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