Polar Files

Version 1.0 of Tack Pad will load polar files, though only one format is currently supported. I’m not sure where the polar format is from, but files for various boats can be found on the internet. Here is an example file Catalina 36 from the www.blur.se site. The file is text, and though this example has a “.txt” extension Tack Pad expects a “.bp” extension.  You’ll have to change the extension before loading it.

To install polars, open up iTunes and on the Apps tab for your device, you’ll see a listing for Tack Pad in the File Sharing section.  Simply drag the files into the document pane. The files will show up in the settings with the other built-in polars.


  1. Hello – this looks like a really useful app! ‘ve installed it and have two immediate comments:

    1. It would be nice to have a ‘start again’ or ‘clear’ of ‘new page’ button to start afresh. Currently it seems like I have to either use the ‘go back one step’ button of double tap button to erase way points if I have added new ones.

    I think it would help very much if you could provide more functionality on polars. I have a file which contains the polars data for my boat and it comes from standard vpp programs used to determine ratings.

    I dont seem able to attach it to this message but I could send it to you?


    • A clear function would be nice, I’ll see about adding something on the next release… and you’re right, I need to document the polar file functionality. If you send yours to me, I’ll take a look at it. Email it to support at ruddernut dot com