There is a large list of possible features to add to Tack Pad, but the biggest problem I personally have with the app is the difficulty in dealing with more complex currents.  Inserting and editing nodes to describe current is painful, and hard to change if you want to explore different scenarios.  Options to rethink current include:

  1. A simpler way to edit current over time on the existing waypoints
  2. A single current description for the whole route that affects all waypoints
  3. Separate current buoy nodes placed on the chart that describe current over time. Waypoints either take the closest bouy or are assigned one manually.
  4. A named current bouy database that can be edited, then selected manually

I’ve been busy on some other projects ever since releasing Tack Pad, so haven’t had a chance to explore these, or any other, options… but I still think about it every once in a while.

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