iPolar Support

I recently came across an iPad/iPhone app called iPolar which produces polars for cruising boats given a basic set of information.  I haven’t had a chance to go over the polars in detail, but from what I’ve seen the data looks pretty good. iPolar will export to third-party apps, so I’m currently adding iPolar import to Tack Pad.  I’m also in the  process of doing a little cleanup work and integrating some feedback.  I should have a 1.2 release out to Apple the first week January.


  1. Hi I have looked at the ipolar appand it says it doesn’t support multihulls will yours?


    • TackPad doesn’t make any distinction between the number of hulls, but the default polars provided are for single hull boats only. If you can find or make a polar for your boat then the app will work fine. Finding polars can be a challenge though.

  2. Paulo Rocha


    Is it possible to manual adjust polars created with iPolar?
    Is it possible to import polars?



    • Besides iPolar files, you can also import several text file formats. You can find some details here: http://ruddernut.com/polar-files/ Besides the basic scaling of the polar, there is no in-app editing. Though I do have an un-released version of Tack Pad which also allows you to limit your pointing ability, but I haven’t released it yet. I will try to submit that version to apple within the next few days.